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  • Sending a card is only possible on Desktop or Tablet
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Noel, aged 80

This is Noel, he's a keen artist. Noel lives alone in the original family home which he used to share with his many brothers and sisters. One moved abroad and is far away and the others have sadly passed away.

His nephew visits as often as he can, but it still can be a lonely time for Noel. ALONE work with Noel to break the cycle of loneliness.

Ann, aged 66 & Anthony, 72

Ann and Anthony had lived in a rented house in Dublin for 20 years, but when the landlord told them he was selling, they had the near impossible task of finding a new affordable place to live.

ALONE helped Ann & Anthony to find that new home. They are now settling happily into their new home and looking forward to Christmas. What's Ann happiest about? 'We have a washing machine so I don't need to go to the launderette anymore!'.

Brendan, aged 70

Brendan is young at heart and loves meeting people. He has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair, but that doesn't hold him back. Because Brendan lives alone, Christmas can be a lonely time.

ALONE introduced Brendan to his volunteer Aaron, and their friendship has blossomed. His weekly visits break up the week. He looks forward to every week and it makes the world of difference to him. It's a time to catch up on the news, share a laugh and it's a time that Brendan cherishes.

Joan, aged 97

Joan is an author, artist and dog lover! As with many that suffer bereavement of a husband or wife, Joan experienced feelings of loneliness and isolation. That was back in 1998 and we've had the pleasure of working with her since that time. At ALONE, we provide the support Joan needs to continue living independently in her own house where she feels safe and comfortable.

"I would never live anywhere else. I have my dogs here and I'm happiest here." Christmas is a time when you appreciate more than ever the importance of being able to live independently and in your own home.

Thomas, aged 65

Thomas was homeless and in dire straits. He had issues with alcohol that he dealt with by going on a detox programme and by getting in touch with ALONE. ALONE were able to assist in helping Thomas get his life back together and getting a place he could call home.

He's looking forward to this Christmas and spending time with his family, his children and his grandchildren. "I cannot say enough in praise of the staff and the volunteers. The people who I deal with, they are brilliant, they gave me my life back"

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ALONE help hundreds of older people every week. Let those people know you are helping ALONE to support them.

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